Daycare- Small Breeds Only

Yale Street Dog House & Bakery was born out of a very simple idea - provide the highest level of support and care to our small four-legged dogs. Since 2017, we’ve been proudly supporting our pet parents throughout the Houston Heights area.


Motivated by a passion for dogs and deep understanding of quality pet care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. When you and your furry friend come to Yale Street Dog House & Bakery, you become part of our family

Our Months and days are themed with enrichment curriculum, this allows us to work your pups body and mind giving them an full rounded experience at daycare. 


All our pups are required to sign up for daycare days through our APP/or online access. We allow only a certain number of dogs per day.  

Cage Free

Our daycare environment is a cage-free open play concept. We have both an indoor playroom that is equipped with beds, cots, tv, and play area for the dogs, and the temperature is kept at a cool 62 degrees that keeps all our dogs cool, and is targeted to help our brachial challenged dogs like, Frenchie's, shitzu's, and pugs.

Our outdoor area is covered in turf, with lots of shade areas, huge fan, wading pools, swing, ball pit, climbing stools, and even a pirate ship.  We believe in being hands on when working with dogs. With experienced staff we can engage in play with the dogs, cuddle when needed and use balls, bubbles, toys, and nose work games like hide a treat, during the day to not only stimulate them physically but mentally as well. 

Daycare Packages 

Packages can be used for daycare days only. They do not have to be used consecutively and expire after 6 months. Packages are non-refundable after 7 days from purchase. If refund is requested before 7 days, days will be counted at full price for services and remainder will be refunded 

5 Day



10 Day



20 Day



30 Day